How to get the Classic Mid Century Modern Look: Home Tour

I’m still in the middle of a big project, but was so excited to put my property porn to good use yesterday with the first mid-century modern luxury home tour, I just couldn’t wait to add more.

This has been another favourite for a long time. It has those exclusive dual views of the ocean and Pittwater. The house is known as the Walker House at Bayview. It’s been on and off the market for several years and I believe it is now a lux holiday rental.

I think it was also used in a reality Australian TV show last year – some couple swapping/swinging or something. I don’t really know, I don’t watch TV. But it sounds wrong to do a show like that in a house like that. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t sell it?

On to the house. It has everything I want, tennis court, pool, huge kitchen, a spot to sit and drink Pinot Grigio while the husband BBQs and lawns big enough for the kids to play in so I can’t hear them.

It was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and the Kaufmann Desert House. You can certainly see the inspo, however I think the Walker house (named after the developer who built it, Greg Walker) sh*&ts all over the Desert House with the views.

Of course it has been decked out with magnificent mid-century modern touches, as I will point out on our tour.

So let’s begin shall we?

This house posses some of the best views in Sydney.

This is the g-spot for Pinot Grigio…

Swimming not recommended after 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio…so maybe it’s time for bath in the giant tub.

The kitchen is so sleek you nearly don’t even realise it is there. It has a large walk in pantry behind the kitchen (I know this as I’ve stalked the online plans)

The large North facing windows make this a fantastic reading spot, but in the height of summer you might need to duck in and out of the pool.

Writing, reading, meditation, there’s room for all of it here…even a delightful spot for your yoga mat on the deck.

Kids bedrooms adjoin their own playroom/media room.

So let’s shop the look of this mid-century modern luxury interior:

 Mid Century Coffee Table  Mid Century Modern Bar Stool
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