Get the Contemporary Coastal Look at Home: Home Tour

Obsession. Can’t you tell? I am missing my beloved Pittwater and keep drooling over the property pages when I should be finishing off my big project.

But luckily for you, I am an excellent procrastinator. Especially where property porn is concerned. And luxury, waterfront property with contemporary Danish finishes is just too much of a temptation to me. It is a contemporary coastal look that is chic at its finest.

This retreat home features some classic staples like the Ikea Skarpö – note it might not be considered a designer homeware but they tend to pop up in a lot of Scandi designers houses, like the Norwegian stylist Elisabeth Heier. Notice also the unique light fittings in the kitchen and dining area.

Actually this house has magnificent use of light. I should have used it as a point of reference when writing about the best Scandinavian Contemporary Lighting. It has it all: large windows let in natural light, a fireplace providing intimate cozy light and most of the rooms are lit with low hanging light fixtures.

The contemporary bulbs in the bathroom are popping up everywhere, and these by Ebb and Flow are a sophisticated take on the exposed light bulb. And isn’t the bathroom a magnificent piece of design you’d like to spend hours in? The addition of the plant breaks up the minimal feel, and the hammam towels add interest with their patterns.

The kitchen also benefits from low hanging lighting, with light coming in from behind in a cut out wall as well. An all round perfect kitchen for entertaining and family.

This property is called Boatanica and is by local Avalon architect Richard Cole. It sits right next to the Avalon sailing club and backs directly onto Pittwater, providing mesmerising sunsets and immediate access to water sports.

With bushland all around, this house has all the views you could possibly desire. So let’s begin…

Get the contemporary coastal look in your home:

Ikea Skarpo Contemporary Coastal Look Ikea Svalsta Contemporary Tables  Ebb & Flow Bulb Hammam Nordic Towels  Doris Brixham Driftwood Floor Lamp
Ikea Skarpo Ikea Svalsta  Ebb and Flow Bulb  Hammam Nordic Towels  Doris Brixham Floor Lamp

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