Georg Jensen Buyers Guide : Get the Best Deal when Buying Online

Why buy Georg Jensen?

Georg Jensen is an iconic Danish designed brand that has been creating contemporary pieces for over 100 years. This Georg Jensen buyers guide will help you choose the best pieces that will provide the best investment and the most beauty in your home, and we will show you where to buy online for the most affordable prices and worldwide shipping.

Georg Jensen Buyers Guide

Buying a Georg Jensen design is an investment. Pieces from the early range of Jensen designed silverware and hollowware from 1904 still hold their value and if you are looking to buy Georg Jensen and pass it down through generations, then you would be wise to stick to silverware.

By collecting Georg Jensen silverware you are protecting your investment in two ways. Firstly you have the metal value of silver and secondly, pieces made from silver will not break like glass, so they will be able to last several generations.

This is the beauty of purchasing designer homewares, when you buy them made from quality materials, they do hold their value, often increasing of value. So you can look at these purchases of day to day items in a similar manner of buying art. And you get to look at the aesthetic beauty and enjoy them every day!

The beauty of Georg Jensen design is in the design itself. This brand has enduring, timeless appeal, typical of Danish design. There are two key features of the brand:

  • Scandinavian craftsmanship
  • Timeless design

These features mean you can’t really go wrong with your purchase of Georg Jensen homewares.

Georg Jensen also use a range of international designers so your piece might have been designed by Arne Jacobsen, Sigvard Bernadotte or Maria Berntsen, making it even more valuable.

Georg Jensen Candle Holders

There are over 70 candle holders in the current collection. Many are timelessly designed in stainless steel or gold plated. You’ll find designs to match other homewares such as bowls and flatwear in the collections at the bottom of the page.  We’ve chosen just a few of our favourite and the most popular Georg Jensen candle collections that will make excellent investments.

Georg Jensen Candlesticks

Georg Jensen Alfredo Candlestick Set

Georg Jensen has a large range of stainless steel candlestick holders, and most are part of a set, so you can compliment with matching tealight holders, candelabrums and even flatwear and other designer household accessories.

The Georg Jensen candlestick holders are made from quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

The most popular sets are Copenhagen, Cobra, Bloom and Season, however outside of these are magnificent, minimal candlestick holders like Supernova.

Buy these Georg Jensen Candlesticks online (the links will take you to the lowest price)

Alfredo Candle Stick Holder Stainless Steel Manhattan Candle Holder Silver Cafu Candlesticks HK Candle holder  Supernova Candle Holder
Alfredo Candlestick Manhattan Candlestick Cafu Candle Holder HK Candleholder  Supernova Candle Stick Holder

Georg Jensen Tealight Holder

Georg Jensen tea light holder
Georg Jensen Cafu Tea Light Holder

The range of tea light holders by Georg Jensen are fairly new (in terms of design). These are complimentary designs to the most popular candle designs, and they are an affordable way to get started on your collection! They also come in pairs.

Usually there are Christmas designs that pop up for a limited time, like this beautiful December Tails Tea Light:


Buying Georg Jensen Tea Light Holders Online

This is our pick of the best five and most affordable delicious tea light candle holders by Georg Jensen.

Cafu Tea Light Holder Georg Jensen Cobra Tealight Candles georg-jensen-eastern-tealight-holders  Bloom Tea Light Holder
Cafu Tealight Holder Cobra Tea Light Candles Easter Tea Light Holders Grace Tea Light  Bloom Tea Light Holder

Georg Jensen Candelabrum

Georg Jensen Candelabra

A candelabrum is the same as a candelabra, let’s just clear that up first. Apparently we’ve all been saying it wrong as candelabra is the plural of candelabrum. Right – got it? Let’s move on with what I consider Georg Jensen does best: candelabrum. They are dramatic without being over the top and these are the perfect centrepiece for your dining table.

Arne Jacobsen Candelabrum
Arne Jacobsen Candelabrum

The magnificent Arne Jacobsen makes an appearance here with his minimal three candelabrum above. And below the most stunning modern version of a dramatic candelabra, the GM eight arm candelabrum.

Georg Jensen GM Candelabra

The 5 Best Georg Jensen Candelabra

Cobra Candelabrum by Georg Jensen Season Candelabra Georg Jensen Urkiola Candleabra Georg Jensen 8 Arm Candelabrum Arne Jacobsen Candleabra
Cobra Candelabrum Season Candelabra Urkiola Candelabrum GM 8 Arm Candelarbum Arne Jacobsen Candelabra

Classic Georg Jensen Candle Holder Collections

Most of the candle holders you see above are in a collection, which makes it easy to carry the style through your home, especially if you have a dining room near your living room, and a sideboard. As with most Georg Jensen designs, the candle holders are complimentary to a wider range of contemporary home wares, like fruit bowls, salad bowls, vases, tablewear etc.

Georg Jensen Bloom Candle Holder


The curvaceous Bloom includes these candlestick holders and from an earlier series, the tealight holders (pictured above in “tealights). This organic inspired collection, designed by Helle Damkjær, is complimented by serving bowls, fruit bowls, bonbonnière, jugs, vases, trays, spoons and even chopsticks!

Georg Jensen Cobra Candle Holders and Candlesticks


Georg Jensen Cobra candlestick holders are part of the Cobra collection. These beautiful curved shapes candle holders can be found gold plated or in sterling silver. Fluid design, based on the Cobra snake, the curve to these candlesticks add elegance to any room you put them in. There are the candlestick holders above, as well as oversized floor candlestick holders and a candelabrum.


The Cobra collection also features a lamp, bowl, plates, carafe, water jug, flatwear and plates. Once you own one of these pieces you will fall in love with the seductive shape! Designed by Constantin Wortmann,you can see the fluid lines in other pieces of his work, so if you own some Georg Jensen Cobra you should check out his work for other complimentary pieces (like lighting!).

 Georg Jensen Season Candle Holder


Season is part of the Christmas range at Georg Jensen and these woven looking designs are made in sterling silver and gold plate. Designed by Maria Berntsen, the range includes candelabra, candle holders, and a dish (look at the Glow range – it the non-seasonal version).

Georg Jensen Copenhagen Candle Holder


These Copenhagen Candlestick Holders are all over the internet. The stylish stainless steel candle holders were first created in the 1960s, but their minimal Danish design makes them ageless. The Copenhagen candle holder is available in small and large and at 44cm tall looks best in a minimal setting.

The large Copenhagen is difficult to find online, but we’ve tracked down where you can purchase online for international delivery: Bloomingdales. They have a worldwide delivery partner so you can set the currency and delivery prices before you check out by clicking on their International tab.

Georg Jensen Vase

Your Georg Jensen vase can not only be a practical and useful piece of art for you to use and admire daily, but it can also be a remarkable investment. Some of the vintage pieces are worth over $10,000, so when looking at a new Ilse vase for $100 you can see how it could be a good investment. But enough about the investment, lets get into the beauty of design.

Georg Jensen Alfredo Vase

Georg Jensen Vases

There is something inherently sensual about the curves in the Alfredo collection. These vases come in complementary shapes and sizes. Materials such as stainless steel and glass and can be matched with other delicious pieces like the Alfredo cake stand in the image above, wooden salt and pepper mills, of course a large collection of stainless steel bowls and a booty of other designer goodies.

Named after the design himself, Alfredo Häberli, Alfredo created a vase for all types of bouquets.

Best Georg Jensen Vases to Buy Online

Georg Jensen Large Alfredo Vase Georg Jensen Alfredo Narrow Vase Alfredo Glass Vase Alfredo Medium Stainless Steel Vase Alfredo Short Glass Vase
Large Alfredo Vase Narrow Alfredo Vase Alfredo Glass Vase Alfredo Medium Vase Georg Jensen Glass Vase

Georg Jensen Facet Vase

Georg Jensen Facet Glass Vase

The facet vases designed by Georg Jensen have a narrow mouth and a wide base, some with a very wide bottom, but all these glass vases reflect light from each facet. They are timelessly designed, and if you don’t drop them, will be in style for years to come!

Best Georg Jensen Facet Vases Online

 Facet Glass Vase Georg Jensen Facet Georg Jensen Facet Vase Black Tall Facet Vase Legacy Vase
Small Facet Glass Vase Large Facet Vase Black Facet Vase Tall Facet Vase Legacy Vase

Georg Jensen Serving

Georg Jensen makes it easy to carry your style across the entire range of flatware with many accessories and serving utensils. You can continue your love affair with pieces from Georg Jensen’s Alfredo, Bernadotte, Copenhagen, Bloom, Indulgence, New York and Acorn range.

Best Georg Jensen Cutlery for Everyday

 georg-jensen-copenhagen-cutlery georg-jensen-arne-jacobsen-cutlery georg-jensen-new-york-cutlery-set georg-jensen-minimal-cutlery-set georg-jensen-bernadotte-cutlery-set
Copenhagen Cutlery Set Arne Jacobsen Cutlery New York Cutlery Set Vivianna Cutlery Set Bernadotte Cutlery

The Most Affordable Georg Jensen Flatware

 Alfredo Cheese Slicer Georg Jensen Copenhagen Ladle Georg Jensen Bloom Serving Spoons Georg Jensen Indulgence Cheese Knife Georg Jensen New York Salad Servers
Alfredo Cheese Slicer Copenhagen Ladle Bloom Serving Spoons Indulgence Cheese Knife New York Salad Servers

Georg Jensen Acorn Cutlery

Acorn is a highly collectable range of flatwear, with some vintage pieces worth over $10,000. The Acorn design was created by Johan Rohde for Georg Jensen and the design dates back to 1917. It is one of the most sought after patterns from the 20th century. Whilst its fancy detail will not appeal to everyone, you can not deny its popularity, making this an excellent investment.

This range includes just about everything but the kitchen sink: barware, salad servers, cheese slicers, cutlery, tomato servers, nut crackers, ice crackers, cake servers, tongs and the list goes on.

Popular Georg Jensen Acorn Cutlery Online

 Georg Jensen Barware Acorn Flatwear Set Georg Jensen Acorn Berry Spoon Georg Jensen Acorn Ladle
Acorn Barware Acorn Salad Servers Acorn Flatwear Set Acorn Berry Spoon Acorn Ladle

Georg Jensen Picture Frames

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Photo Frames
Legacy Photo Frame, Styled with Cobra

Every home needs picture frames, so select one in a timeless design and let your photos stand out. Most Georg Jensen photo frames are made from polished stainless steel, with the exception of Tableau which is aluminium.

Most Affordable Georg Jensen Picture Frames Available Online

 Georg Jensen Legacy Photo Frame Georg Jensen Deco Picture Frame Georg Jensen Tableau Photo Frame Georg Jensen Elephant Silver Photo Frame
Legacy Photo Frame Deco Picture Frame Modern Photo Frame Tableau Picture Frame Elephant Photo Frame

Georg Jensen Tea and Coffee


Tea and coffee is such a tradition for Georg Jensen, with many sets dating back to the 1930s and now worth over $10,000. You can find vintage teapots to complete your Bernadotte collection or start with those designed in this century. Somehow Georg Jensen has managed to make the tea and coffee pots even more streamlined and minimal as time goes on.

The Helena Rohner designed pots above are reminiscent of an Alessi kettle, only more simplistic in their design. Beautiful curves appear to take inspiration from the timeless Henning Koppel designed teapots of the 1950s, and some inspiration must come from Rohner’s creativity as a jewellery designer.

Best Deals on Georg Jensen Tea and Coffee Online

 Helena Silver Sugar Bowl Georg Jensen Helena Minimal Silver Teapot Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Helena Coffee Pot Georg Jensen Tableau Photo Frame Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Helena Milk Jug
Helena Sugar Bowl Helena Tea Pot Helena Coffee Plunger Helena Tea Egg Helena Milk Jug

Georg Jensen Barware

Oh cocktail hour, how we love thee! And Georg Jensen has the barware to make it something special. With contemporary champagne coolers like the Indulgence (below) through to bottle openers, trays, corkstoppers, cocktail shakers, ice buckets and coasters.

There are a few Collections that include barware, Indulgence, Sky and Manhattan and some one-off pieces.

The Top Five in Georg Jensen Barware

 Georg Jensen Barware Set Georg Jensen Bottle Opener Corkscrew Wine Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Ice Bucket Georg Jensen Wine Pourer Georg Jensen Wine Cooler
3 Piece Sky Barware Set Bottle Opener Ice Bucket & Tongs Wine Pourer Indulgence Wine Cooler


Georg Jensen Toys


Why should adults be the only ones to appreciate fine design? The range of Georg Jensen children’s toys is small, however made from quality materials like oak and silver, these are made to last a lifetime and be passed down through generations. Unless you keep your Moneyphant for yourself!

Best Selling Georg Jensen Toys Online

Georg Jensen Moneyphant Money Box Georg Jensen Aquamarine Alfredo Childrens Toy Georg Jensen Wooden Elephant Puzzle
Moneyphant Money Box Alfredo Aquamarine Set Wooden Elephant Puzzle Elephant Figurines Elephant Mobile


Georg Jensen Collections

These designer collections are the most popular available to buy online at the moment. A Georg Jensen collection can be available for a limited time (like the Christmas collections) or for up to fifty years. New collections come out every year and some of these collections are retired, which makes them increase in value.

Bloom Collection

Best Prices on Georg Jensen Bloom Collection

The Georg Jensen Bloom collection encompasses homeware items for everyday use, designed in a fluid and minimal style. Bloom is organic in shape and reflects nature with inspiration taken from cherry blossoms by their designer Helle Damkjær.

Bloom range includes the beautiful fruit bowl, serving dishes, chopping boards, serving spoons, ladles, ndle holders, pitcher, cheese board and knife, chopsticks, soya sauce jug and dipping bowls.

Best Pieces of the Georg Jensen Bloom Collection available Online

Cobra Collection


Like the snake, Georg Jensen Cobra is seductive (can you say that about a snake?) and mesmerising. Designed by Constantin Wortmann, the Cobra collection spans across the range of Scandinavian lighting to include candle holders, candelabrum, lamps, floor candlestick holders. And then you can move into Cobra serve ware with bowls, glasses, jugs, carafes and even plates.

Best Deals on Georg Jensen Cobra Collection available Online

Legacy Collection


Legacy is an aptly named collection by Georg Jensen. Legacy has been designed with your next generation in mind. Collect this timeless and useful range of silverware with the intention of passing it down to your children. Designed by Philip Bro Ludvigsen with a nod to classic Georg Jensen Scandinavian design, this contemporary range now includes bowls, picture frames, vases, bonbonniere, platters and candle holders.

Georg Jensen Legacy Collection with International Delivery

Acorn Collection

Acorn dates all the way back to the first Johan Rohde design in 1915. The Acorn Georg Jensen flatware features an elaborate pattern on the base of the handle and is considered one of Georg Jensen’s most exclusive collections.

Buy Georg Jensen Acorn Collection Online

Current Georg Jensen Sale Items

Look no further for the best prices on these selected Georg Jensen Items.


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